I'll take one of each Mr. Bartender Man

August 08, 2011

The beginning of a revolution.

Ladies and gentlemen, dudes and dudettes, men and women, welcome to Predrink! Predrink is the best place to be whether you’ve just cracked your first brew, have a solid buzz, want to slam vodka bombs, are moments -and a few pizza bites- away from passing out, or are chasing that hangover at 11am. We’re here to put the best of the web in one spot, because it’s too damn hard to find when you’re bombed. 

This blog will provide you with a great atmosphere to enjoy your drink, have a laugh, show you awesome shit, and prepare you for the best drunken night of your life! What’s that you say? Every website is better when you’re drunk? Of course it is! But this site is specifically designed for drunken people and to encourage your drinking, contrary to what your doctor, mom, or wall you just punched a hole in have to say.

Your hosts, Nolander and CM are enthusiasts, proponents, supporters, partakers, and pioneers to drinking and all things related. We’ve been good friends since ninth grade, and better drinking buddies since, well fuck, since ninth grade. We’ve been through the lows- liquor store closed for holidays, hangovers, lighting the wrong end of your last cigarette, getting whiskey dick- and the highs – high-fiving your buddy for reasons you just forgot, picking up the “hottest” broad at the party or bar, playing air-guitar to a sick song that just came on and well, everything else. This site is designed to raise awareness about drinking. Specifically how fucking awesome it is. The only harsh judgment you’ll get here is if you’ve turned down a shot, say you don’t know how to funnel or left the bar early because you have an exam the next day. What’s the point of having a few? Because you enjoy the taste? That may be true, but the real reason to drink is because you want to get drunk and have fun!

Predrink will bring you the best from the web for the things you like to watch, listen and read while drinking. These will include amazing sports highlights, sick tunes from the past and present, funny stories, hot girls, hilarious jokes, inspirational puke-and-rallies, and catchy phrases that can be slurred all night to your own amusement, even if others think you need to get your stomach pumped. You might notice some lingo you are unfamiliar with. Learn what we’re trying to say and expand your vocabulary. It’s a proven fact that most of you will use these words and when you do they will spread like “the girl next door’s” legs.

We will settle all of the great drinking arguments that have ever arisen. This will be done by fielding alternative versions of popular drinking games, voting on what broad is hotter, what band is better, who would win this fight, and anything else that you can or have ever thought of. Voice your word. Heck, hopefully you’re drunk enough to stand behind what you said and argue till you die; just to realize that in the morning you were dead wrong the whole time. 

This site is a labor of love, and not the kind of love you think you feel for the hot stripper at 2 am because she keeps paying attention to you even though you can’t keep your eyes open, haven’t spoken one word of English the entire night, and have peed on your pants the last three trips to the bathroom. No, this site is a legitimate celebration of a fantastic pass-time. At least we think it is. We’ll see how we feel in the morning. Cheers and chug!

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