I'll take one of each Mr. Bartender Man

August 11, 2011


When that one friend of yours who, 'never smokes' suddenly turns into Humphrey Bogart after a few drinks and is putting a severe damper on your pack, remind him that doctors recommend not smoking while on Monistat. Works well when girls are around.

Works even better if that friend has admonished you in public for smoking to impress or agree with his militantly anti-smoking girlfriend, but secretly smokes when she's not around. If at a party where both are present he asks you for a dart, loudly proclaim that you don't think he should smoke while on Monistat and express that you are shocked- SHOCKED!- that your friend would want a dart anyway, since he'd been so against it in the past. Mutter below your breath but clearly audible to all, "I wonder what else he's hiding".

It's one thing to borrow darts, it's another to mock the smoker then ask him for one later!

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