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August 30, 2011

Drinking Game: Century Club

We just had our 100th post! If you are reading this stop whatever it is you are doing and slam a beer or do a shot! Cheers everyone!

In respect to the 100th post it is time to explain an easy little drinking game called the Century Club. Do you want to successfully join this exclusive drinking club where thousands of people have failed? It's simple, but it sure ain't easy! DO 100 SHOTS OF BEER IN 100 MINUTES. Since a bottle of beer has about 12 ounces, it's only about 8.3333333 beers in 1 hour and 40 minutes. "A fast clip, but more than doable" you're thinking to yourself. Well man/woman up and get a group of people to do it, see how long you can last, who pukes first or who makes it till the end. How awesome would it be to say that you are a member of the CENTURY CLUB!

If you complete the Century Club successfully, print this honorable badge out and wear it around proudly looking down on everyone else who is not a member of the exclusive club. Be smug about it, they should know that you're better than them.

*Full disclosure, CM has puked (mostly beer foam a.k.a. "head" so pour them good) like a withdrawing heroin fiend every time he's attempted Century Club.

Good luck and drink up!

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