I'll take one of each Mr. Bartender Man

August 25, 2011

Drinking Game: Drag Racing

Simple, quick, funny, and gets you pickled.

The object of this game is to slurp up your drink and finish your side of the ice cube tray before your opponent.

1. Get an ice cube tray. You can get a standard one which most people already have.
Or you can do it the predrink way. Shop for a beauty of an ice cube tray with more slots to get you drunker quicker or add more players than 2.
2. Make a mixed drink, preferably a non-carbonated bevy and disperse it in all the slots filling them up.

3. Get enough straws for all the players.

4. Start your engines (insert straw into beginning cube), have someone countdown, hit the gas (start sucking up your drink; moving from one cube to the next).

The person to finish all the liquid in all of their cubes is crowned the champ. Rinse and repeat until everyone is pickled.

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