I'll take one of each Mr. Bartender Man

August 12, 2011

Drinking Game: Louisville Chugger

FIRST! Grab a camera, because shit's about to go down. Literally.

1. Go to the dollar store and steal a cheap plastic baseball bat, or pay for it, whatever floats your boat.

2. Cut open the bottom end (skinny end, the size of CM's wang) with glass from a broken beer bottle, or an X-Acto knife.

3. Empty a beer can into it. Be a trooper and step up to the plate.

4. Have your friends count how many seconds it takes you to chug your beer out of the bat.

5. However many seconds it takes you to chug your beer is how many spins (full rotations, no panzi spins) you will be performing. Place one end of the bat on your forehead and the other end up the counters ass. Jokes. So, the end you drank from on your forehead and the other end of the bat on the ground and spin.

6. When you are done, stand up and give'r! A pitcher will throw the empty beer can to you and you must jack it for a home run (basically, make contact).

Rinse and repeat till everyone at the predrink or party goes at least once. Wake up hungover, and watch the taping of the game in the morning for laughter and hangover relief. Here's an example.

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