I'll take one of each Mr. Bartender Man

August 13, 2011


Party Rock hard last night? Good, because you should have. It was "Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday". Fuck, I can't believe I just referenced that song. Hungover today? Good, me too.

Steps to hangover relief:

1. Get up, pee and chug a bottle of cold water.
2. Make 2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast and 4 slices of bacon. Drink a glass of OJ.
3. Let the food settle and do mild exercise, walk, bike, sweat out the booze a bit.
4. Take a nice long shower.
5. Watch a funny movie, look at awesome shit on this blog, call friends over and talk about last night. Laughter is key for hangovers.
6. Go on Facebook and see if people posted pictures of your drunk ass that you don't remember taking.
7. Have sex. It always makes you feel better; releases mass amounts of endorphines.
8. You could always start drinking again.

That's it, it's fool proof. There's no cure for a hangover, but this is the best way to relieve the shitty symptoms. You should be well on your way to recovery so you can party hard again tonight! Cheers!

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