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August 09, 2011

Kings: Drinking Game

The BEST version of Kings in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Print this out and hang it on your fridge.

2 – Take 2 drinks.
3 – Take 3 drinks.
^ These are not even bad to get. The point of the game is to get drunk.
4 – Chicks; only females drink.
5 – Pick someone to drink with you for the rest of the game.
6 – Assign 6 drinks to one person or split them up.
^ Beware of creating enemies. Also, give them all to one person to get them really drunk.
7 – Cheers to Beers; everyone cheers and drink.
8 – Dicks; only males drink.
9 – Rhyme time; person must say a word and you go around the circle rhyming with the initial word not repeating any. The person who fucks up must drink.
10 – Thumbmaster; person must place their thumb on the edge of the table and everyone else must do so whenever they notice. The last person to do so must drink. The next person to pick up a 10 is the new Thumbmaster.
Jack – Never Have I Ever; Person must say “Never have I ever (banged a girl in the ass)” – everyone that has banged a broad in the ass must drink. Words in quotes can be changed. Be creative or dirty to reveal truths about people!
Queen – Question; Drawer must point to someone and ask them a question. The person then must answer by asking a question to another person and this goes on until someone fucks up. Whoever does must drink.
King – Make a rule that applies to everyone which stays around for the rest of the game. Ex: drink only using your left hand, no swearing, no pointing, or my personal favourite the “little man rule”. You must pretend there’s a little man that sits on the rim of your glass and every time you drink you need to take the little man off, place him on the table while you drink and put him back on after you’re done drinking. Be creative!
Ace – Waterfall; the card drawer drinks and the next person starts to drink and everyone else follows suit going around the circle clockwise. When the card drawer stops the next person stops sitting next to them and the rest follow suit. Pretty much like the “wave” fans do in sports.
Joker – Categories; you must say a category and you go around the circle naming something within the category. EX: Car brands – Toyota, Ford, BMW, Lamborghini, etc. or NHL Hockey Teams – Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, etc.

There are many different versions for each rule but I’ve played this game so many fucking times and these are by far the most fun. Whoever tries to change these rules when you tell them how to play and provide them with a swift kick in the balls or box. Get drunk!

If you insist you have better rules, post them as a comment. 

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