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August 24, 2011

The ONLY Set of Beer Pong Rules You Will Ever Need

Beer Pong has become the most played drinking game across North America. It's competitive, fun, requires skill, gets you drunk, gets the party started and gets you pumped up! There are many types of rules and a bunch of technicalities for the WSOBP (World Series of Beer Pong) but for the most part it's a party game so you don't need all the douchey long-ass rules in a list hanging up on your wall. Here are ALL the rules you need to make the game legit and fun.

*NOTE: The game is mostly played while listening to sick tunes and in the presence of hot chicks to cheer you on and massage your throwing arm.

1. Rack 10 cups (Solo beer cups) to form a triangle at each end of an 8ft table. "Re-racks" are done when there are 6 and 3 cups. If your opponent doesn't say re-rack then fuck 'em, don't do it until they tell you. There are usually 2 beers dispersed between the 10 cups; 1 beer/player/game. Go for more if you're hardcore or plan on only playing a few games. There also needs to be 2 cups off to the side of the table filled with water to rinse the grit and grime off the balls if they land on the floor.

2. You can determine what team starts whichever way you choose; rock, paper, scissors (always best 2/3), whoever chugs a beer the fastest, play 2 man flip cup (official rules for Flip Cup to be posted soon) or the Beer Pong way. A player from each team gazing deep into each others eyes and shooting at each others cups trying to make the shot. If neither of you make it then pass the ball to your teammate and repeat until someone sinks a ball. The beer is not drank, however, whatever team sank the shot goes first. If each team sinks the ball at the same time keep going until only one team makes the shot.

3. There are two ping pong balls used (preferably white, not a racist joke but something about those orange ones you just can't trust) and each player on the team (team of 2) gets to shoot. Players alternate drinking and shooting. If they each make a shot then they get the balls back; this is called "rollback". If they sink it in the same cup it only counts as 1 cup and the other team shoots. This rule is highly debated, I just think it's idiotic when people play that when 2 balls land in 1 cup the game is automatically won and done.

4. If you miss the table and cups completely, you lose your shot. If your shot hits the cups and bounces back to you, you get one free behind-the-back shot. This shot usually results in Hellen Keller-type effort, but the one in a thousand times it goes in it really gets a party fired up.

5. Opponents are allowed to distract the other team but may not create wind to alter the path of the shot or cross their end of the table (ie; wave hands over the cups). You are allowed to blow the ball out of the cup when it's being "rimmed" or giving a rim job, no pun intended; when the ball is spinning around the cup and has not touched the beer.

6. You can swat or grab the ball when it has been bounced. If a shot is made by bouncing you remove an extra cup. If it bounces 2 times then remove 3 cups, and so on. If you bounce it 4 or more times you are either an amazing human being or you're playing against people with T-Rex arms, in which case you should win anyways.

7. If you knock over cups then replace them and fill the cup with more beer than normal. You will also be chirped throughout the night at random times for 'alcohol abuse' and receive other harsh lashings.

8. No player may get personally offended at all the beaking (a.k.a. chirping) being done during the game. It's like hockey, you say the nastiest shit during the game but shake hands and remain pals afterwards.

9. After a team sinks the last ball in their opponents' last cup, the opposing team gets a chance to shoot again and rule #3 applies (keep going until someone misses). If the game magically ends in a tie set up a 3 cup triangle and go into overtime. Repeat this until there is a winner.

10. You may choose what you want to do with the remaining beer at the end of the game. Dish out the drinks to anyone at the party or give them to your opponent. The more sensible thing would be to drink them yourselves, of course. 

11. Print and post these rules in your house so there are no discrepancies. Since it's your house, you play by your rules,,,,,,,,these rules!

Enjoy and drink up!

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