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August 23, 2011

Sick Beer Pong Tables

33) Beach Beer Pong Table
Sand Beer Pong Table

So the table surface kind of sucks, but the idea to dig a huge trench is the sand is really awesome, so this made the list. Great if you enjoy sandy beer and shirtless dudes.
32) Baltimore Beer Pong Table
Baltimore Beer Pong Table
This table features a massive Marylandflag with holes to fit 2 games of six-cup and 1 game of ten-cup. Table also comes with Ravens logos and a stick figure man that is running with a football.
31) Superman vs. Batman Table
Superman vs. Batman Table
Clarke Kent or Bruce Wayne? Dark Knight or Man of Steel? You make the call on this table. Feel free to act like a nerd if on the Superman side, and a snobby rich guy if on the Batman side.

30) Snow Beer Pong Table
Snow Beer Pong Table
When life hands you snow make snow beer pong tables! This table feature embedded cup holders that keep your beer nice and cold while you play. Just don’t use yellow snow when making your own.
29) NES Controller Table
NES Conroller Beer Pong Table
Four buttons of glory! This table is a throwback to the NES days, up up down down left right left right b a b a select start anyone?

28) Bud Light Beer Pong Table
Bud Light Beer Pong Table
This table features hundreds of Budweiser bottle caps to create a Bud Light Logo in the center and spell out Bud Light on the sides. This is more than king of beer, more like the king pong tables. Someone rrreally loves Bud Light. Gross.
27) Surfboard Beer Pong Table
Surfboard Beer Pong Table
Next time that you are on the beach and without a table, do what these guys did and append some legs on a spare surfboard and play surf pong.
26) Homer Simpson Nike Table
Simpons Beer Pong Table
This table features Homer drooling over a beer, and a Nike Swoosh that states “Just Do Her”. I wonder how many people have screamed “D’oh!” after they missed.
25) Ninja vs. Pirates Table
Ninja vs. Pirates Table
Who will win? You have to play to find out! Ninja is swinging a katana, while the Pirate and his pegleg are about ready to swing his sword.
24) Beer Cap Pour Table
Beer Pour Bottle Cap Table
This table uses hundreds of beer caps to create a mosaic of a beer pouring into a beer mug, surrounded by a patterned frame.
23) Lakers Hardwood Table
Lakers Beer Pong Table
Made by an obvious Lakers Fan, this table is a glistening example of a beer-sketball court, one that looks like it was freshly waxed. Kobe!
22) Aqua Teen Hunger Force Beer Pong Table
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Table
This table features the Plutonians (and dr. Weird) vs. the Mooninites (and Carl) and the main characters from the Adult Swim TV show: Aqua Teen Hunger Force.
21) Guitar Table
Guitar Beer Pong Table
This table rocks! Har har. The table is shaped like two guitars that are connected in the center, and are propped up by storage bins, how classy!
20) Nightmare Before Christmas Table
Nightmare Before Christmas Table
This Tim Burton Inspired Table features glowing graphics that depict the cult classic: Nightmare Before Christmas.
19) Floating Beer Pong Table
Floating Beer Pong Table
Unlike other tables we have seen, this beer pong table looks quite study and it looks like you could actually bounce. Now no cannonballs while game is in play!
18) Patriots Beer Pong Table
Patriots Beer Pong Table
This is a masterful work of art that features a full football field, the Pats logo, and even goalposts! Plus you can’t lose on it, just like the real Pats!
17) URI Hanging Beer Pong Table
URL Hanging Beer Pong Table
This University of Rhode Island bouncable beer pong table hangs down from the ceiling when in use, making for a super space saving table. And look, the “U” in “URI” is even made to look like a cup!
16) Beer Bottle & Cap Table
Beer Bottle and Cap Table
This unique table features a large slab of glass that is supported only by beer bottles. The table consists of an outer ring of bottles that support the frame of the glass, with supporting bottles that spell out “ECU” in the center. The inner floor of the table also features patterned bottle caps.
15) Crossroads Beer Pong Table
Crossroads Beer Pong Table
This table gets bonus points for the presentation, not only is the table perfectly painted, but uses flags, multi-colored cups and stacks of cans to accentuate it. Now just look before you throw.
14) Separated Hanging Table
Hanging Beer Pong Table
This table may not be a table per say, rather a minimalist apparatus that allows you to play beer pong. These two boards drop from the ceiling and do not take up much space at all, now don’t walk though when others are shooting!
13) TV Bottle Cap Table
TV Bottle Cap Table
Not one, not two, but three TV’s along with some tasteful bottle cap designs are built into this beer pong table. We bet this monster has negatively affected some GPA’s in its career.
12) NES Beer Pong Table
NES Beer Pong Table
This table is 8 bits of pure joy. Highlights include Little Mac doing a funnel from MegaMan, Link getting in a barfight, Donkey Kong battling Samus Aran and much much more. This is really more art than it is table.
11) Massive Triangle Table
Massive Triangle Table
This table allows for serious party animals to play beer pong with 153 cups per side. Yikes, at least the first 50 or so throws should be easy.
10) Corona LCD TV Table
LCD Beer Pong Table
Not your turn to shoot? No problem, this table features an LCD panel in the middle for your entertainment. Also surface is made of Plexiglas that overlooks a hundred or so Corona bottles that filled with Highlighters to glow under backlights.
9) Tennis Ball Table
Tennis Ball Table
This tennis freak made a table that features 4 different sections with about 75 tennis balls in each. Also included, a rope light under Plexiglas and probably a few broken strings somewhere.
8) Nebraska Hockey Table
Nebraska Hockey Beer Pong Table
This table features the usual bottle cap center, but also features about 75 broken hockey sticks for support. Can’t find a badder material than that.
7) Skull Blacklight Table
Skull Blacklight Table
This table looks like a Faces of Death themed rave. This is really a pretty gnarly skull, and the boney finger looks like it is cursing the opposing team.
6) Sod Beer Pong Table
Sod Grass Beer Pong Table
A for creativity. This golf themed table features real sod, a cart sign and of course spots for beer pong cups. Only negative, you may have to water this table.
5) Neon Ladies Table
Neon Beer Pong Table
This table features wood, Plexiglas and neon lights to create a one-of-a-kind playing surface. Not to mention the shapely ladies in the middle, what a table.
4) Aluminum Beer Pong Table
Phantom Aluminum Table
Made from nothing but aluminum, this table features a skeleton of a frame, cup holder on both sides, and a flat surface in the middle for bouncing. A very artsy take on the traditional beer pong table.
3) Foosball Beer Pong Table
Foosball Beer Pong Table
The best of both worlds! Now you can get your foos on when waiting for your turn at beer pong. Even comes with Plexiglas top so you can bounce and not worry about raining beer down on the foosball men.
2) Fire Beer Pong Table
On Fire Beer Pong
Beer + Drinking Game + Table + Fire = Bad Idea. This on fire beer pong table features colorful players, and a big ol honkin fire pit right in the middle. We are guessing that you just need a lot of arc to make it?
1) Eight Person Beer Pong Table
Eight Person Beer Pong Table
This Michigan State themed beer beer pong table allows for up to eight people to play beer pong at once. How? No idea, but it sure looks rad.

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